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NOVEMBER 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 101 5 Flexible Circuit Technology Workshop #5 Tackles Structures, Applications, Materials, and Manu- facturing Processes: Think and Plan in Three Dimensions! E In just 15 minutes, flex expert Joe Fjelstad will teach you about implementing this useful tech- nology into your manufacturing operation. Joe suggests you start with defining your end-product requirements and understanding cost and prod- uct life cycle expectations, as well as end-user needs. He further addresses the many consid- erations with adopting this useful technology. 6 Design Circuit: IPC-2231 Captures Board Design Best Practices E There are new document revi- sions being prepared for indus- try review throughout the IPC standards development ecosys- tem. Patrick Crawford focuses on one such document: the IPC- 2231 DFX Guidelines, which is currently being revised into IPC-2231A and will help create excellent boards. 7 I-Connect007 Editor's Choice: Five Must-Reads for the Week E It's showtime! This past week, we saw quite a bit of news about virtual trade shows. It's great to see show managers pivot from live, in- person events to virtual shows with only a few months to make it all happen. How would you like to be a show manager today? 8 Elementary, Mr. Watson: Location, Location, Location E When it comes to PCB design, one of the most overlooked prin- ciples is component placement. Similar to a home, the compo- nent location has a considerable impact on the quality and is the real value of a PCB design. John Watson exam- ines five rules to follow when it comes to com- ponent placement. 9 Stop Relating Trace Temperature to Current Density E Many design engineers and even many software suppliers make the significant mistake of equat- ing changes in trace or via tem- perature with current density. This is incorrect at best and dan- gerous at worst. There is little if any correla- tion between temperature and current density. Current and trace dimensions (among other things) are the relevant variables, but current density is not. Doug Brooks shares four illus- trations to help understand this. J Real Time with… AltiumLive 2020: Eli Hughes' Full-Stack Hardware Engineer Keynote E Nolan Johnson details TZero Co-founder Eli Hughes' keynote presentation titled "Crossing the Chasm: The Road to Becoming a Full-Stack Hardware Engineer," demonstrating how it takes cross- disciplinary thinking to truly innovate. for the latest circuit design news and information. focuses on the rapidly growing flexible and rigid-flex circuit market. Joe Fjelstad John Watson Doug Brooks Eli Hughes Patrick Crawford

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