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APRIL 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 33 could gather whilst the unit is in operation? Does the outer case offer any heat dissipation, i.e., is it made of metal? If so, could you uti- lise a gap-filling product to help remove these localised pockets of air? ere are many ways to reduce heat dissipation but again it is impor- tant to look at the unit/PCB as a whole, as an action taken in one area of the board may lead to issues elsewhere. What new trends are expected in global thermal management? Due to developments in the electron- ics industry, the introduction of smaller and smarter products is increasing. ese advance- ments in the industry have led to an increased need for innovative thermal management tech- nologies to improve system performance and reliability by eliminating the heat generated by devices. Trends driving growth in this market include the increasing popularity of smart- phones and tablets, which have seen consider- able growth in the past decade. Due to mount- ing sensitivity toward weight and price, the need for advanced thermal management solu- tions is increasing. Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly for the next generation of smartphone, smart home device, and smart speaker categories. is is expected to drive the thermal manage- ment technologies market further. Increasing awareness of environmental issues combined with potential performance advantages is propelling the adoption of elec- tric vehicles and a more widely available charg- ing infrastructure, both of which rely heavily on thermal management predominantly for increasing the reliability and performance of battery systems. Also, the increasing adoption of renewable energy resources is a major factor driving the thermal management market. Due to escalating industrialization across the world, demand has risen for continuous power supplies, which has positively impacted the growth of the thermal management market to ensure maximum reliability. For instance, capacitors are used to temporarily store elec- tricity where required, or in off-grid applica- tions batteries may be required to store power for more widespread use. In such cases, these electronic devices will require protection from the elements but will also be required to oper- ate at higher temperatures and offer some form of thermal dissipation, due to the heat emitted during operation. Depending on the design, thermal management products will be used to help dissipate heat away from devices to main- tain efficient, continual power. I hope the points covered this month have been helpful and please look for my next col- umn, where I'll be covering more issues on thermal management to get the best heat pro- tection for your circuitry requirements. In the meantime, please contact me if you have any questions. We also have numerous technical resources available for your interest, such as how-to videos on our youtube channel, and articles and blog stories on newly updated, application-focused website at www.electrol- DESIGN007 Jade Bridges is global technical support manager at Electrolube. To read past columns from Elec- trolube, click here. Download your free copy of Electrolube's book, The Printed Circuit Assembler's Guide to… Conformal Coatings for Harsh Environ- ments, and watch the micro webinar series "Coat- ings Uncoated!" Depending on the design, thermal management products will be used to help dissipate heat away from devices to maintain efficient, continual power.

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