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DECEMBER 2021 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 105 Johnson: How do you tie this expe- rience into your classroom curricu- lum? Mumford: Matador Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing's cur- riculum is simple: We use robots to build robots. is is what we do and how we learn the fundamentals of mechanical, electrical, and pro- gramming integration. At IPC APEX EXPO we got a glimpse into cutting-edge robotics and the technology that drives systems and robot integration—robots that serve robots. We see autonomous guided vehicles that stop when they come too close to an obstacle, and we build robots that use sonar and light sen- sors to navigate an obstacle course or compete autonomously in games. Preparing students to visualize the future is much easier when they have an opportunity to witness modern manufacturing equipment. And the amazing tour of the IPC convention floor was inspirational and scary; we have a lot to learn to contribute to the next genera- tion of smart machines. Being able to experi- ence the live demonstrations was eye-open- ing and inspiring, for me and for the students. e precision of modern manufacturing chal- lenges motivated students to take the time to learn and take care of the machines they have access to. Johnson: How likely are students to follow through and go into engineering? Mumford: Of the 17 who attended the 2020 event, 15 have followed through. at is an 88% success rate, and that was in the middle of a global pandemic. Matador Engineering has a 93% completion rate and an 83% college com- pletion rate. Most of the students prepare for and attend post-secondary education in engi- neering. I have had one student defect from the engineering pathway: Alexis Brooks was accepted to UC Davis on a scholarship in man- agement and marketing. I suppose many electronics firms would love to have her when she graduates. Johnson: Can you give us an update on the students who attended the STEM event at IPC APEX EXPO? Mumford: Sure. Of the students who attended in 2020, the following have had excellent success: Wendy Romero—She completed two college engineering courses while still in high school and was accepted to UC Santa Cruz in mechan- ical engineering. Diego Real—He won the district's Excellence in Engineering Award, Dr. Claire Trumaine Scholarship, and is majoring in aerospace engi- neering at UCSD. Alexis Brooks—She took home the dis- trict's Excellence in Engineering Award and was accepted into UC Davis on a scholarship, majoring in management and marketing. Kojo Miller—Kojo is majoring in mechanical engineering at San Diego State University. Ashly Rodriguez—She is majoring in mechan- ical engineering at Chico State University. Angelana De Tate—A top student, Angelana applied to several schools in soware engi- neering, with outcome to be determined. Emily Ramirez—A top student, she applied to several schools in electrical engineering, with outcome to be determined. Johnson: ank you for your time, Harold. It sounds like you really enjoy teaching. Mumford: ank you, Nolan. We have some fantastic students. PCB007 Harold Mumford

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