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MARCH 2022 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 65 but things such as the amount of RAM needed (4 Gb minimum) or the amount of storage (64 Gb or more) can be upgraded, and some are just settings such as the need for Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to be enabled. Most computers built over the last few years have this ability and allow for TPM to be enabled. However, if your computer is not, or cannot be made compatible with Windows 11, be assured that Windows 10 will continue to be supported for the next few years. One important feature is that if you are upgrading from a legal copy of Win- dows 10, getting Windows 11 is free. So, should you upgrade now? First, go to Settings and check to see if you have Windows 10 updates available. If so, do those first. If you are comfortable with dealing with some p o t e n t i a l g l i t c h e s , g o ahead. I installed Win- dow s 11 on one of my computers over a month ago and while there have been a few minor glitches, I have had no real issues. In fact, the latest update/fix download seems to have fixed the few issues I did have. Windows 11 is now publicly available and, of course, the more that we use it, the more bugs will be discovered and fixed. Here's my recommen- dation: If you only have one computer and you are looking for the best pos- sible initial experience, I would wait for the next update. However, I am now much more comfortable recommending that you upgrade than I was just a month ago. By the end of February, Windows 11 grew to over 16% of global market share. DESIGN007 Dan Feinberg is an I-Connect007 technical editor and founder of Fein-Line Associates. To read past columns or contact Feinberg, click here. Figure 3: Check to see if your computer is ready to upgrade.

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