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66 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2022 Globally, managing finite resources is imper- ative as we strive to achieve a more innova- tive and lower emission economy. Reducing dependency on fossil fuels in the chemical industry has led to the emergence of new bio- based alternatives, but what do these bring to the table for electronics manufacturers? Bio-based materials, obtained from biological resources (biomasses, feedstock, plants, and biological waste), deliver a viable and sustainable alter- native to materials derived from petrochemicals. We have developed a new coating incor- p o r a t i ng 7 5 % b i o - organic content from renewable sources. It's a global first for the industry and is completely free from solvents. It meets the needs of both manu- facturers and consum- ers, essentially based on ethic s, p er f or mance and process. So, how will bio-based coatings impact performance and what can you expect? Let's explore bio-based coatings in more detail. 1. What are the benefits of bio-based coatings? First, it goes without saying that bio-coat- ings have significantly less impact on the envi- ronment and meet the ethical needs of man- ufacturers and end users. However, the most surprising benefit observed during the devel- opment of this bio-coating was the improve- ment in terms of performance that were achieved. e bio-based p o l y m e r s w e d e v e l o p e d showed improved con- densation resistance, thermal stability, flex- ibility, and adhesion over many petro- c h e m i c a l - d e r i v e d polymers that we developed. Nature truly is an amazing source of inspiration. Mo r e o r l e s s e v e r y single ingredient in a typical formulation can be formulated from either completely bio-based or high degree of bio-containing raw materials, with the current exception of flame retardants. e bio-coating has per- What Can Manufacturers Expect From Bio-based Conformal Coatings? Sensible Design by Phil Kinner, ELECTROLUBE

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