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90 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2022 Semi-Additive PCB fabrication processes add a new tool to the PCB designer's toolbox. As with any new tool, there is a learning curve. To help shorten that curve and expand the growing body of knowledge, Tara Dunn speaks with Randy Chase, CID. He is the senior manager of PCB and Module Design at pSemi, a Murata company. The Hubble telescope, the Cassini-Huygens mission, and other exploratory spacecraft utilize high-voltage DC power supplies for everything from vidicon camera tubes and mass spectrometers to radar and laser technologies. NASA has expe- rienced performance problems with the 1.5 kV supplies because—as a 2006 report stated— "designers did not take the high-voltage problems seriously in the initial design." The Printed Circuit Design- er's Guide to… Stackups: The Design within the Design is the latest addition to I-Connect007's library. In this book, brought to readers by Siemens Digital Industries Software and I-007eBooks, author and stackups expert Bill Hargin discusses materials, laminate datasheets, impedance planning, and more, providing the reader with a broader understanding of stackup planning and material selection. TOP TEN PCB Talk: SAP Evaluating From Design Perspective High-Voltage Circuit Design Guidelines and Materials AltiumLive 2022: Keep Your Boards From Screaming with Eric Bogatin's EMI Tips Signal integrity evangelist Eric Bogatin talks about his AltiumLive keynote presentation, "How to Keep Your Boards from Screaming Like a Banshee." Eric explains how attention to board structures during the early stages of PCB layout can keep EMI from becoming a problem in your design. Eric Bogatin EDITOR'S PICKS Finally! A Book About PCB Stackups

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