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28 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2022 Feature Article by Patrick McGoff SIEMENS EDA We all seek new ideas, but sometimes what is proposed as new is merely a re-phrasing of something that already exists. at is the case with the phrase, "design with manufacturing." e rationalization behind design with manufacturing is that it involves manufactur- ing input during the design process. I couldn't agree more. But in what form does this manu- facturing input take? Does design with manu- facturing imply a live meeting? If not, then what is meant to be the difference between design with manufacturing and design for manufacturing? e genesis of providing manufacturing input into the design process in a systematic manner goes back 25 years. Since 1995, PCB fabricators have been providing their process constraints in digital form to their custom- ers, ensuring that their designs can be fab- ricated without issue or delay in the initial design release. is enabled the dawn of what is widely known as "design for manufacturing (DFM)." Design for manufacturing begins with cap- turing the supplier's process capabilities in a digital format that can be automatically read into the OEM designer's DFM soware tool. It is important to look at DFM from a manu- facturing process perspective, because how the board is constructed determines what con- straints must be adhered to. ere are com- pletely different checks and clearances needed DWM: A Rose by Any Other Name

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