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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2022 FEATURE ARTICLES Mastering the Art of Communication With Manufacturers by Kyle Burk Producing Diverse Designs in Concert With Manufacturers by Scott Miller FEATURE COLUMNS Designing With the 5Ws and Other Acronyms by Kelly Dack Is DWM Just Another Buzzword? by Tara Dunn FEATURE INTERVIEWS & ARTICLES What Happens When You Assume? Interview with Dana Korf Predictive Engineering: Happy Holden Discusses True DFM Interview with Happy Holden DFM: A Rose by Any Other Name by Patrick McGoff Altimade Puts Designers and Manufacturers Together Interview with Ted Pawela and Misha Govshteyn JUNE 2022 • FEATURE CONTENTS Our industry just loves our acronyms. The newest example is DWM, design with manufacturing, and this "design for" could do what DFM was never able to do: create a transparent communica- tion environment for designers, fabricators, assemblers, and component and materials suppliers. This month, our contributors shine a spotlight on DWM: How to initiate it, why you should embrace it, and why DWM may succeed where DFM fell short. DWM: Design With Manufacturing 48 62 20 58 10 26 28 42 10 42 48 62

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