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48 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2022 Feature Article by Kyle Burk KBJ ENGINEERING Design with manufacturing (DWM) empha- sizes the important aspect of the true intent of design for manufacturing (DFM). e intent of DFM is to consider the manufacturing pro- cess during the entire printed circuit design process starting at the earliest stages of the design cycle, when the project first begins, and continuing to the end of the product lifecycle. As mentioned in the May issue of Design007 Magazine, design is performed, at times, in a vacuum. But it doesn't have to be that way. Whenever circumstances allow, design should be performed by communicating with all stakeholders throughout the design process, hence the emphasis on the word with in DWM. Communication can occur through personal correspondence such as email and voice con- versations or through more formal design meetings—in person or through videoconfer- encing. No matter which means of communi- cation you prefer, it's important to communi- cate early and oen with stakeholders involved in the downstream processes as you bring your project to realization. There's No 'I' in Team Unlike the word "team," there is an "I" in design with manufacturing, but that doesn't make it a singular process. Rather, DWM requires involvement of a cross-functional team with the designer as the key stakeholder who communicates regularly with the team throughout the design process. is communi- cation includes receiving feedback early from

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