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August 2014 • The PCB Magazine 11 cling everything that can be recycled, why do we need to make this an industry issue? Can we all do our part to lessen our impact on the environ- ment? Sure. But it's the OEMs and the politicians that will drive the effort toward cleaner tech, not the associations. Sustainability is important to making sure that we continue to have, the water, materials, and resources required to protect human health and our environment. And, if you have a flat roof, which most of our factories do, you should be looking into solar options which will lessen your impact by helping to clean the air and re - duce the impact of global warming. I suspect that most, if not all, chemical companies have their own sustainability efforts underway, along with all the component makers. Might be best if, as part of our industry-wide PR efforts, the as- sociations took stock of where we stand today with regard to sustainability. But, I don't think we need associations to drive this. Well, I hope you are all enjoying your sum- mer. See you soon at the next industry event. PCB BITS AND PIECES continues ray rasmussen is the publisher and chief editor for I-connect007 Publications. he has worked in the industry since 1978 and is the former publisher and chief editor of CircuiTree Magazine. to read past columns, or to contact rasmussen, click here. It is with great sadness that IPc announces the passing of dieter Bergman, IPc staff member for more than 40 years. decorated with countless awards over his life- time, Bergman's name will forever be synony- mous with IPc, and he leaves a legacy of friendships, lasting memories, and what is affectionately treasured by IPc staff and close friends as "dieter- isms," such as a 45-minute answer to a 10-second question. Bergman began his career in 1956 as a designer for Philco ford in Phila - delphia, Pennsylvania. he assumed the position of supervisor of the printed cir- cuit design group in 1967, and joined the company's advanced technology group where he specialized in printed circuit com- puter-aided design. Before that, however, 1962, he became Philco's official representative to IPc and received the IPc President's award in 1968, the same year he assumed chairmanship of the IPc design committee. Bergman was elected chairman of the IPc technical activities executive committee in 1974, and later that year joined the IPc staff as techni - cal director. In that role, he was responsible for a number of things: the coordination of standards, specifications and guidelines development; round robin test programs; establishment of workshops and seminars; government and inter-society liai- son; and initiating IPc activities in europe and asia. In 1984, Bergman became director of tech- nology transfer to help foster the interchange between design and manufacturing and he con- tinued to serve as a leader in the identification of future technologies and industry needs. While Bergman had a special place in his heart for the design community, his contributions to the industry as a whole earned him IPc's highest honor, the hall of fame award, in 1985. Most recently, Bergman chaired the IPc ambassador council, a group of IPc hall of famers who provide advice and guidance to IPc, and encourage active participation in IPc activities by all of its members to enhance the electronics industry. "the staff and I feel very fortunate to have known dieter, and have benefited from his knowl - edge and his passion for the industry," said IPc President and ceo John Mitchell. "he will be missed, but always remembered as an icon, pioneer and friend." The Passing of an Industry Icon: Dieter Bergman

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