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26 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2018 Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 During SMTA International, I sat down for an interview with Titu Botos, Ph.D., the VP of engineering at NeuronicWorks. We discuss the next big thing to come after the Internet of Things (IoT), which Titu believes is the Inter- net of Body (IoB). IoB could include implanta- bles and ingestible medical devices to monitor your body better. Overall, it's a great time for medical electronics. Nolan Johnson: I'm here with Titu Botos from NeuronicWorks in North York, Canada. Where is North York? Titu Botos: It's about 14–20 kilometers away from downtown Toronto. Johnson: Let's start with a quick overview of what NeuronicWorks does for its customers. Botos: We're an engineering house and a design shop. We take an idea and bring it to life. When a customer comes to us, they leave functional products as well as blueprints for manufacturing; we call that the "cookbook." Although we strive to help them after that for the manufacturing itself, they are fit to go any- where they want to. In other words, our busi- ness model is that when everything is said and done, they have the intellectual property (IP); they can do with the IP whatever and wher- ever they please. That's our business model. Johnson: And they can go from an idea or a concept all the way through the engineering methodologies for all of the pieces to a fin- ished product, or they can manufacture where they want. Botos: Yes. We have in-house design for PCB electronics, firmware—which is low-level soft- ware—and high-level software from the cloud. We complement these three main skills with industrial, graphical, and mechanical design. On the other side, we have apps, the Internet, and the cloud. All of that comes under one roof, and we are able to serve the customer fully. We call those "full-house" projects. Johnson: What are some of the industries that you serve with these design services?

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