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8 PCB007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2018 The term "magic" has many definitions. While the word can be used to describe illu- sions and deceptions deemed entertaining, it can also be used to describe something that is touching, enchanting, or captivating. IPC APEX EXPO is much more of the latter and very little of the former. This month's cover image is a tip of the hat to the primary subject of this issue: IPC APEX EXPO 2019! The magician's table, draped in a red cloth, seems appropriate for IPC APEX EXPO on a number of levels: there's the stage that is the show floor; the equipment all set up before the show, draped and covered; and the emotional response that the show triggers in its attendees and exhibitors. I did a little research on the performance of magic, and I found this interesting quote in a forum for magicians. The question asked was, "What do you do when a trick goes wrong in your act?" In the thread of very insightful re - sponses, I found a post from a magician named JT who had a LOT to say about how to recov- er from a botched trick. I tried to connect with JT about this quote, but he seems to keep his identity hidden and hasn't responded to my re- quest. Normally, that would be a warning sign, but we're talking about magicians here. In the middle of his larger contribution, JT answers the forum question this way: "Have a large vo- cabulary. No, I don't mean knowing what 'epiglottis' means. What I mean is… know a bunch of effects and learn as many ways as you can to do things—different techniques to get to the same place. Card palm? There are a dozen ways I can do it (most magicians know two, and one of them doesn't work reliably). Do I need to vanish a coin? I know abo ut two dozen individual techniques. Do I need to con- trol a card's position in the deck? I know a doz- en ways to do that too. I know a lot of tricks, and this helps me because I can keep a run- ning list in my head of what tricks can save my buns from this step. If I botch a particular step, I am already thinking about the way I can re- write the ending on the spot and finish on a dif- ferent road." Interesting, right? JT shares that he always has a backup plan or an escape plan. I don't know about you, but I found this passage par- ticularly appropriate for PCB fabricators. How often do we find ourselves looking for a way to improvise a fix to an otherwise botched batch of boards? Is it possible to step outside the nor - mal procedure and recover so that we can re- turn to the proper process? Of course, we prefer to follow the process unerringly, but sometimes it just happens. It always helps to have the right trick at your disposal. Just like JT, "How can I save my buns from this step?" That's really what IPC APEX EXPO is all about, isn't it? Helping you, the PCB fabricator, do the difficult work of de - livering PCBs to your customer in a way that leaves that cus- tomer happy, de- lighted, and en- chanted in some fashion or other and makes you Nolan's Notes by Nolan Johnson, I-CONNECT007 Get Ready for the Unveiling!

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