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6 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2018 SHORTS: Cutting and Pasting with Graphene Supercomputers Without Wasted Heat Sensitive Robots Feel the Strain High-temperature Electronics? That's Hot Pushing Lithium Ion Batteries to the Next Performance Level Foldable Smartphones to Be Launched in 2019 HIGHLIGHTS: PCB007 MilAero007 Top 10 PCBDesign007 DEPARTMENTS: Career Opportunities Events Calendar Advertiser Index & Masthead ARTICLES: Altium Prepares for Munich Show as Growth Continues Interview with Chris Donato A Fractal Conversation with Jim Howard and Greg Lucas by Barry Matties and Andy Shaughnessy Fractals: New Tech and IP for Designing 5G PCBs by Greg Lucas and Jim Howard COLUMNS: The Designers Council is Not Resting on Its Laurels by Andy Shaughnessy 10 Fundamental Rules of High-Speed PCB Design, Part 4 by Barry Olney Embedding Components, Part 6: Preparation for Active Semiconductor Elements by Vern Solberg Skin Depth and Its Interaction with Final Plated Finishes by John Coonrod Key Guidelines for Clean Schematic Designs by Bob Tise and Dave Baker Top Five Tips to Protect PCBs from Harsh Environments by Alistair Little 76 80 84 8 52 58 64 66 70 25 31 45 47 62 89 50 74 90 93 104 105 DECEMBER 2018 • ADDITIONAL CONTENT 76

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