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84 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2018 to call in Greg and ask him the appropriate methods for attacking those problems, but in essence, I think that's pretty right. Your sug- gestion of finding an OEM and letting them subcontract the making and designing of the boards—they may design them in-house—and the testing and so forth, it is probably the right place to go. Matties: What is it that you want to do to carry this out to the marketplace? Howard: I think we'll probably have some responses to this—not necessarily from the person who will end up to be the end-user, but from someone who's heard from some- one who wants to know how the hell they're going to get to 20- or 25-GHz PCBs. That's the question out there, and I don't think anyone's solved it yet. Shaughnessy: All right, guys. Thank you. It sounds like it could be a real game-changer. Howard: Very good. Thank you so much. Lucas: Thanks for asking us. DESIGN007 Article by Greg Lucas and Jim Howard CIRCUIT SOLUTIONS Fractal shapes have been shown to speed up and improve the performance of raw PCBs. To understand whether this will help in your next design, you must follow some basic fractal design ideas as they apply to PCB structures. Why Use Fractals? Fractal shapes are those selected by nature because they have infinitely long perimeters for the dissipation of heat, as well as unique electrical properties that can be derived from Maxwell's equations for the best operation of electrical devices. In the last few decades, much has been Fractals: New Tech and IP for Designing 5G PCBs Figure 1: A sample Koch fractal pattern.

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