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42 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2019 IPC's D.C. Focus: Chemicals Regulations, Lead-Free, Export Controls E From North America to Europe, Asia, and beyond, the future of the electronics manu- facturing industry is shaped in many ways by government policies. That's why IPC main- tains an active, multifaceted government rela- tions program, including leadership and net- working opportunities for member company executives. The PCB Norsemen: My Flexible Story— Flex Circuit Development Through the Decades E Senior Technical Advisor Jan Pedersen is cele- brating 26 years at Elmatica. In this column, he shares his thoughts from his long experience in this exciting industry, and talks about those things that have changed a lot in the past few decades, and the others that haven't. DuPont on New Beginnings and Empowering the Industry E Andy Kannurpatti gives the I-Connect007 team an overview of the latest news from DuPont Electronics and Imaging, includ- ing investments toward the new production assets in Ohio, Silicon Valley Technology Cen- ter, and other facilities. He also details how the company is engaging OEMs and PCB fab- ricators and design teams, as well as some exciting business updates coming this spring and summer. Better to Light a Candle: Chapter Two— Introduction to PCB Fabrication E As a reminder, "EE4800: Printed Circuit Board Fabrication" is a hands-on class intended to give engineering undergraduate students an introduction to the basics of printed cir- cuit design, fabrication, and assembly, which started on January 14 of this year. Trouble in Your Tank: OSP Performance— Effect of Film Thickness and Microetch E Two often overlooked performance attributes for organic solderability preservatives (OSPs) are the organic film thickness and the topography of the copper after microetch. Film thickness up to an extent is critical. However, the copper topog - raphy and surface preparation also play a role. Thus, you should not overlook the critical nature of the overall OSP film thickness. Read on. New Technical Director and Upcoming 2019 EIPC Summer Conference E Tarja Rapala-Virtanen is the newest techni- cal director for the EIPC. I-Connect007's Nolan Johnson and long-time EIPC conference attendee Pete Starkey discuss her new role, the upcoming summer conference in Leoben, Austria, and the program in place for the June conference. Super PCB's Jessica Zhang on LEDs and Other Trending Business Areas E In an interview with I-Connect007 at the recent West Penn SMTA Expo, Super PCB Program Manager Jessica Zhang provides an overview of the company and shares new business trends they're seeing, including LEDs, wear- able devices, and more. Alun Morgan on the Future of PCB Materials E The I-Connect007 editorial team asked Alun Morgan, technology ambassador for Ven- tec International Group, to discuss materials at a high level. Our conversation delivered a detailed overview of the current state of the electronics industry.

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