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JUNE 2019 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 85 5 Smart Design Data Is Essential for Industry 4.0 Manufacturing E Almost all of the conversa- tion regarding Industry 4.0 is centered on the manufactur- ing floor, which is where the effect of the initiative is most felt initially. Little attention is given to the starting data for manufacturing—the data that comes from de- sign. However, you can't have smart manufac- turing if your process begins with dumb data. 6 Learning to Be More Flexible: Case Studies on Improving FPC Design E As miniaturization requirements force manu- facturers to pack more functionality into ev- er-smaller packages, it becomes more difficult to conform to IPC construction recommenda- tions. Achieving robust FPCs requires frequent, iterative interaction internally among the me- chanical, electrical, and PCB design teams, as well as with the fabricators and assemblers. 7 The Digital Layout: San Diego Chapter Updates and More E This month's column is packed with recent activi- ties, including a spotlight on the San Diego Chapter and an interview with Luke Haus- herr, the new chapter presi- dent. You'll also find an up- date from the IPC Designers Council Execu- tive Board as collaboration with the new IPC Education Foundation continues to evolve and recommended reading featuring an interview with a young designer. 8 EM Modeling: The Impact of Copper Ground Pour on Loss and Impedance E This article briefly introduces the general purposes of cop- per ground pour on printed circuit boards. Subsequently, the impact of copper ground pour on PCB channel loss in terms of insertion loss and impedance in terms of time domain reflectometry (TDR) is studied with electromag- netic modeling using Mentor HyperLynx. 9 Connect the Dots: Preparing for Tomorrow's Technology Today E At a recent Sunstone Cir- cuits planning summit, Matt Stevenson, VP of sales and marketing, and I led a wide-ranging discussion about emerging technolo - gies and how they will im- pact PCB manufacturing. The following is an abridged transcript of this conversation. J Pulsonix 10.5 PCB Design Tools Get New 3D Capabilities, Constraint Rules E Pulsonix has released Pulsonix version 10.5, with over 30 new en- hancements based on user requests from pro- fessional PCB designers. for the latest circuit design news and information—anywhere, anytime. Patrick McGoff Chang Fei Yee Bob Tise Stephen Chavez

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