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JUNE 2019 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 47 lot of false calls to begin with. Thus, it really depends on the customer. On average, you will save 50–70% in reduction of the whole verifi- cation cycle. Matties: That's pretty substantial. Kaplan: Right now, the most typical ratio is 1:2, meaning one AOI machine for two verification stations (VRS); if you go below that, you'll win. If there's just one AOI machine and one VVS, there's not much room for you to go from there, but if you have 10–20 AOI machines and 40 verification stations, then you can reduce to 30 or maybe even below that. So, you're al- ready winning. Matties: To shift gears into Industry 4.0, you have equipment at GreenSource Fabrication, and when I looked at it last year, it wasn't fully up and running with all of the automation as- pects. How is all of that equipment configured? Kaplan: We are the exclusive supplier of AOI to GreenSource. They also take advantage of our metrology capabilities built into AOI. Green- Source is probably the first one to take the me- trology data and use it to correct the process, so it's an essential part of their entire concept. Matties: Being at GreenSource, which is one of the world's most advanced PCB factories if not the most advanced factory, what lessons have you learned from that experience so far? Kaplan: We're still going to learn more once it's up and running, but so far, what we've un- derstood is what type of information and da- ta they're going to need. So, we'll have some implication on future design—especially for metrology—what type of data they need to take out of the AOI, and what's important for their process. We've already learned a lot, but I think most lessons are going to come after they start running. Matties: And fingers crossed it happens sooner rather than later. Everybody is excited to see this factory. Well, congratulations. You're do- ing a great job with your company. Being at GreenSource is quite a victory for you. Kaplan: Thank you. Matties: Is there anything we haven't talked about that you think we should let the indus- try know about? Kaplan: One of the key trends that we see is laser via inspection. Companies have been in- specting laser via for a long time but usually just for sampling. Now, what we see with ma- ny companies is that their end users, such as Apple, are pushing for 100% inspection rath- er than sampling, so it's a big market that is opening up not only for us but for everyone, and we're definitely taking advantage of it. We have four new systems for laser via inspection. The one that we are presenting here is suitable for a 20-micron drill size. We have a system that can then inspect down to 12-micron laser drill size, which is probably still ahead of the market, so when it comes, we will have the ca- pabilities to do that. On top of that, we generate all types of sta- tistical data that we can output, and everything can be integrated with all of this software that I just discussed, including the VVS, CQC, and SDK. So, our customer will have all their qual- ity data in one place: traditional AOI data, la- ser via inspection data, and metrology output with everything integrated into one database and compliant with Industry 4.0. We believe that it's going to be one of the biggest markets for us in years to come. Matties: Okay, thank you very much. Kaplan: No problem. Thank you. PCB007 One of the key trends that we see is laser via inspection.

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