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6 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2019 SHORTS: Phononic Devices Could Allow Smaller Mobile Devices Stanford Researchers Develop Wireless, Battery-free, Biodegradable Blood Flow Sensor Large, Stable Pieces of Graphene Produced With a Unique Edge Pattern A Flexible Future Right Electrolyte Doubles Material's Ability to Store Energy Wrap-around Sensors for the Grid Researchers Pioneer Microfluids-enabled Manufacturing of Macroscopic Graphene Fibers Nanophysicists Develop High-performance Organic Phototransistor People With Mobility Issues Set to Benefit From Wearable Devices Washable, Wearable Battery-like Devices Could Be Woven Directly Into Clothes HIGHLIGHTS: PCB007 MilAero007 Top 10 PCBDesign007 DEPARTMENTS: Career Opportunities Events Calendar Advertiser Index & Masthead 24 52 102 105 114 115 22 32 42 47 51 60 69 73 91 100 JULY 2019 • ADDITIONAL CONTENT 91 51

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