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64 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2019 If you have already read Andy's column, then you know we've decided to incorporate content related to flex and rigid-flex into De- sign007 Magazine rather than wait for a quar- terly publication. It's all about design any- how, right? Am I preaching to the choir here or what? So, this made a perfect opportunity for me to back a little further away from a particular magazine and do what I love, which is solicit- ing, reading, and editing technical articles for I-Connect007. Right now, we are focused on some of the technical papers from IPC APEX EXPO 2019 that we have permission to pub - lish. You'll find some of these in the upcom- ing issues of all three magazines over the next few months. Of course, we all know that in this industry, you can't just retire and move on—you have to back off slowly and probably never leave completely. It's in your blood and DNA! We love technology and being a part of the in- dustry that is changing the world more rap- idly than ever. I am of the firm opinion that technology will bring the world together, solve famine and disease, and keep us from getting toasted as the planet warms—if only the politi- cians would stay the heck out of it. If you read the Electronic Industry News items in our daily newsletter (click here to receive it), you know there is a lot of positive stuff going on. In the meantime, though, I am in that back- off mode. And most importantly, from my perspective, I now have more time for my per- sonal interests, which include gardening and involvement with some local non-profits. We all have our passions, and I hope yours extend beyond your day-to-day work too. I'm still with I-Connect007 for the foreseeable future, so en- joy, and I'll see you around at IPC APEX EXPO for sure. FLEX007 Patty's Perspective by Patty Goldman, I-CONNECT007 Changing Seasons Patricia Goldman is managing editor of Flex007 Magazine. To contact Goldman, click here. Coneflowers, bee balm, and other pollinator-friendly flowers. Dinnerplate hibiscus in 2018.

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