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NOVEMBER 2019 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 11 communication between designers and man- ufacturers, and why assumptions can be your worst enemy. Tamara Jovanovich of Happi- est Baby updates us on her first full year as a PCB designer, and she offers some advice for new designers and design engineers. Insulec- tro's Megan Teta explains why she enjoys be- ing involved in so many different aspects of the job, and why she's glad to be an exam- ple for young girls considering STEM careers. And Curtis Scott of Current Products discusses his job designing PCBs for automated window coverings near the beaches of the Gulf of Mex- ico. We also have columns by regular contrib- utors Barry Olney, Stephen Chavez, Vern Sol- berg, Bob Tise, and Phil Kinner. Speaking of traveling, we'll be providing full coverage of productronica 2019. If you can't make it to Munich, don't worry; we'll bring you all the event information you need. See you next month! DESIGN007 Andy Shaughnessy is managing editor of Design007 Magazine. He has been covering PCB design for 19 years. He can be reached by clicking here. As Michael and Kalen explain in this issue, their managers are firm believers in sending them to conferences to get the training they need to stay current in this challenging field. We hope to see more young people like Mi- chael and Kalen join the ranks of CID grads. This month, we handed the microphone to a variety of designers and design engineers and asked them to share their thoughts about their jobs, technology, and that they think about this industry. We start with interviews with Michael and Kalen, who discuss their work as designers and why they decided to take the CID exam. Next, Todd Westerhoff of Mentor explains why the designers of today need to understand many concepts once left to the sig- nal integrity engineers. Then, Bryan LaPointe of Cadence Design Systems discusses the sat- isfaction he feels working as a product engi- neer, as well as the diversity of the entire EDA segment. Matt Stevenson of Sunstone Circuits breaks down some of the reasons why this may be the most exciting time to be in this field. EMA's Chris Banton focuses on new technol- ogy like 5G, AI, and printed electronics, and discusses their effects on PCB design. Colum- nist Tim Haag highlights the need for more The EarthLight Foundation is proud to announce the 2019 Space Cowboy Award will be presented to Dr. "Buzz" Aldrin, member of the Apollo mission to the Moon, and longtime activist for the human exploration and settle- ment of space. The award will be pre- sented to Dr. Aldrin during the Space Cowboy Ball on November 16, 2019 at the prestigious Bullock Texas State History Museum, in Austin, Texas. "We are presenting Buzz with the Space Cowboy Award not so much for being part of the first mission to the Moon, but for what he has done ever since," explained EarthLight Founda- tion's founder and chairman of the board, Rick Tumlinson. "Ever since Apollo, he has advocated for the human breakout into space, and tirelessly worked to inspire young people to reach for the stars. Buzz is a known leader in the space community, and in the 50 years since he and Neil Armstrong's giant leap on the Moon, he has never slowed down in his quest to help humanity take our next steps into the space frontier." The Space Cowboy Ball is a fun- draiser for the EarthLight Founda- tion's new Endowment for Tomor- row, supporting STEAM Space edu- cation and research projects that further the human settlement of space while benefiting the Earth. (Source: EarthLight Foundation) Buzz Aldrin Named 2019, Space Cowboy

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