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36 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2019 This year, IPC plans to double the number of participating students to 200. It should be a great event. Another way we support our youth at I-Connect007 is by shar - ing the stories of young people who are doing amazing things. At 14-years-old Dylan Nguyen is an avid kite flier in the master class and is often a featured flier at kite festivals along with his younger brother, Cardin, who is age 12. Dylan started kite flying about four years ago. Now, he and his family can be found participating in and volunteering at kite events. Dylan is also a great student, musician, and creative thinker. Re - cently, he shared with us the details of his school science fair proj- ect, "Kite: Powering the Future," which solved a problem that he faced. Dylan is a leader with a bright future, and the world is lucky to have him and other kids like him. Read his interview in the November issue of SMT007 Magazine. laborate with the vendor to drive the develop- ment of the product. There are a lot of inher- ent benefits they don't realize they're missing out on. There may be some temporary mone- tary gains. If that's how it's trending, that's a good thing. There are a lot of bright engineers in China, and we want them contributing to that community in a positive and meaningful fashion as well. Shaughnessy: I understand Cadence has a pro- gram for students to get their hands on Or- CAD. Banton: Yes, we started a new program. We've had various versions of this in the past. I think the best way we can help students get excit- ed about electronics and what we do is to of- fer them the tools for free. Now, students can come to the EMA website (or the OrCAD web- site), and as long as they have a student ID, they can request a free license to OrCAD and use it in their studies. The response so far has been overwhelming; it's exciting to see that there's so much activity in the student com- munity, and people are looking to do electron- ic design and learn how to use the CAD tools to make them successful. Shaughnessy: That works out for everyone. They get free tools, and you get customers in on the ground floor. Banton: Sure, it's not totally altruistic, but it's important because engineering isn't just the tools. However, that is a big part of what we can do to help make them successful. Our goal is to assist future engineers by ensuring they are comfortable with the tools. This helps them be an effective engineer and not have to spend time learning the software to make it do what they need it to do. Shaughnessy: Is there anything else you'd like to add? Banton: It's a good time for the industry and to be in EDA tools. Shaughnessy: Thanks for your time, Chris. Banton: Thank you, Andy. DESIGN007 The Future of the World is Truly in the Hands of Our Youth by Barry Matties The investments we make in our youth now will pay off for generations to come. We have to support and help wherever we can. At I-Connect007, we are proud to once again sponsor the STEM Outreach Program at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO 2020.

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