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Jovanovic: Yes. Shaughnessy: But you didn't have a lot of PCB design experience last year. Jovanovic: Right, I didn't have any. When I started working last year, I realized that's something that I needed to get into, and this conference was a great starting point. I picked up many tips and tricks from experts at the conference and talked to a number of people who have a lot of experience. They gave me pointers, and it was a good base to get start- ed. When I began designing boards, I main- ly taught myself, and Altium's documentation online was of great help as well. My experi- ence this year is completely different than last year at AltiumLive. I feel like I have a better understanding of a lot of things, I'm talking to people in the industry, and I'm sharing my ex- perience. Shaughnessy: How much did your degree pre- pare you for this? Jovanovic: College prepared me for the hard work and the design part. Engineering was not an easy major, but a lot of the stuff that I'm doing at my job right now I learned in college. It was on a smaller scale, but now I feel like it has more impact and value because Happiest Baby has such a great mission. We had a very intense lab course in college that prepared me best because it was very demanding. I appreci- ate it a lot now; it definitely prepared me better for the real world. Shaughnessy: What are some of the bigger challenges that you've seen in the last year or so? Did anything stump you? Jovanovic: I definitely ran into some road- blocks, but I was able to figure it out with Al- tium's documentation online and other design resources. I didn't do any super complicated designs this year. Obviously, there are a few things that frustrate you and some things you wish you could change, but not particularly about the industry.

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