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46 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2019 Shaughnessy: So, you didn't have any boards fail the smoke test? Jovanovic: Not yet. There have been some mi- nor ones, but luckily, it wasn't due to board design. There have definitely been some inter- esting times in the lab during the proof-of-con- cept stage. During the whole fabrication pro- cess, I'm always a little stressed out, wonder- ing if my design will work without issues. Shaughnessy: Have you been able to see any of it assembled or fabricated? Jovanovic: Yes. We're still in the prototype stage right now, so we're only building a few pieces at a time and ensuring that it all works before we go to production. I've been lucky that all my designs have been working or bor- derline working with minor improvements. Shaughnessy: You mentioned last year that the company's founder and CEO is a famous pe- diatrician. Jovanovic: Yes, his name is Dr. Harvey Karp, and he wrote a book called The Happiest Baby on the Block about soothing babies, where he discusses his method—the "Five S's"—to soothe babies: swad- dling, side/stomach po- sition, shushing, swing- ing, and sucking. The book did really well and is still popular, and his method has helped many people. Shaughnessy: Does the bed plug into the wall or use batteries? Jovanovic: You plug it into a wall and it rocks your baby all night long. This January, we start - ed a rental program for SNOO. You can rent it for however long you want at an affordable price. Some people don't know if they're going to have more kids or when. It's a bassinet, and you're only supposed to use it from zero to six months; now, they can rent it and not worry about any of the stuff that comes after. Nolan Johnson: This is your second AltiumLive. We talked to you a year ago as you were show- ing up with a deer-in-the-headlights look. Now that you've had a year of practical experience doing this kind of work, what's different? Jovanovic: This year, the conference is a com- pletely different experience. Last year, I was a little overwhelmed by what I didn't know, but I knew it was something I needed to start do- ing for my company, so I was ready to learn. The event was such a good place to get a basic understanding, and I learned a lot of good tips and tricks. I talked to the people that I met in the lectures, and they helped me un- derstand the basics of the program. Those were the building blocks of my knowledge in PCB design. This year, I knew more about what was being presented. I understood more and had specific questions, and I found other people asking me questions about how to do certain things in Altium. Jovanovich speaks with Editor Nolan Johnson at her second AltiumLive event.

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