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54 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2019 Scott: Current Products is a home automation company. We primarily develop and manufac- ture window coverings and automated drap- ery, such as retrofit window blinds. Shaughnessy: So, you're designing boards for the motors that make the blinds open and close? Scott: Yes, I design most of the boards that we do. We have remotes, hub devices, and con- trollers for the drapery motors. And then we have other people who do programming, make all of the mechanical parts, and assemble it all together. Shaughnessy: That's cool. Did you know you wanted to work with boards when you were getting your degree? Scott: Once I started in my degree, it piqued my interest. Communications didn't really pique it, and power didn't really either, but the consumer electronics side of things did. Shaughnessy: Is the only job you've ever had in the industry? Scott: Pretty much. Shaughnessy: How did the company find you? Curtis Scott Opens the Blinds on PCB Design Feature Interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 I recently spoke with Curtis Scott, a young PCB design engineer with Current Products, a manufacturer of automated window coverings in Pensacola, Florida. I'm always excited to hear about OEMs in Pensacola; I lived there for 17 years, and it's a great town, but you won't find much industry other than tourism. I asked Curtis to share his thoughts on the industry and his job designing PCBs in that scenic city on the Gulf of Mexico. Andy Shaughnessy: Curtis, why don't you start with a little background about yourself and how you got into circuit boards? Curtis Scott: I'm an electrical engineer. I went to school at the University of West Florida and graduated in 2012. I started as an intern with another company, QMotion, designing boards, and doing general electronic testing. I knew this was something I liked, and I enjoyed the con- sumer electronics side of things. I stuck with it, and eventually, the owner sold the company and started a new one, so I went with him to Current Products. I'm enjoying making prod- ucts for them. Shaughnessy: Tell us about Current Products.

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