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NOVEMBER 2019 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 91 ter in Sunnyvale, California. They discussed a variety of topics related to flex design, in- cluding the support structure that's needed in flex design, the everchanging world of flex materials, and the need for working with a flex fabricator as early as possible in the flex design cycle. Decreasing Bend Radius and Improving Reliability—Part 1 E Many of the issues that arise when using a flex circuit come from a lack of knowledge about how to properly design one, especially when the circuit is required to bend. Amphenol Printed Circuits Recognizes Panasonic as a Qualified Vendor for Flexible Laminates E Amphenol Printed Circuits has qualified Pana- sonic's Felios Flexible Laminates and will now increase usage on new part numbers. Flexible PCB Maker Zhen Ding Likely Revise 2019 Revenue Forecast Upward E Flexible PCB specialist Zhen Ding Technology is expected to revise its revenue forecast for 2019 to growth from flat as projected earlier, having posted strong sales for September and the third quarter. BMW i Ventures Invests in Flexible Circuit Tech with CelLink E BMW i Ventures has recently invested in Cel- Link, a San Carlos, California-based manufac- turer of flexible circuit technology that delivers high-conductance, large-area, lightweight, and low-cost flexible circuits through a proprietary combination of manufacturing processes, de- signs, and materials. Trouble in Your Tank: Working With Flexible Circuits E Even though they are a smaller part of the cir- cuit board industry, flex and rigid-flex circuits have been growing in popularity over the last decade, and for good reasons. These circuits are made to be thin, flexible, and durable. However, in addition to the opportunities that come with flex and rigid-flex circuits, there are also challenges. Find out more here. Flexible Thinking: Standards— An Industrial-strength Glue E Just as there are many government bodies around the globe, there are hundreds of stan- dards bodies around the world with sometimes conflicting missions in terms of the generation and guidance in the enforcement of industri- al standards. In this regard, just as laws help to hold societies together, standards serve the vital purpose of holding industries together. They are an industrial-strength glue that holds the industry together. Development of Flexible Hybrid Electronics E This article will present a hybrid manufactur- ing process to manufacture FHE systems with a two-layer interconnect structure utilizing screen printing of silver conductive ink, filled microvias to connect ink traces at the different layers, and use of the traditional reflow process to attach the semiconductor chips to the print- ed substrates. Insulectro and DuPont Experts Talk Flex Design E Mike Creeden recently spoke with Insulectro's Chris Hunrath and DuPont's Steven Bowles at the DuPont Technology and Innovation Cen-

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