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FEBRUARY 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 93 aspects of power usage upfront rather than after the fact. Also, microprocessor cooling structures will resemble cooling systems used on high-performance racing cars. FLEX007 Joe Fjelstad is founder and CEO of Verdant Electronics and an interna- tional authority and innovator in the field of electronic interconnection and packaging technologies with more than 185 patents issued or pending. To read past columns or contact Fjelstad, click here. Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") has updated its corporate strategy focused on the design, development, and production of innovative battery solutions targeting existing market demand with differentiated solutions to power wearable devices and connected sensors. This de- cision follows extensive evaluation of multiple markets to determine the most commercially compelling use of the company's patented process technology innovations and state-of-the-art, production-scale roll-to-roll flexible electronics factory located in San Jose, California. Thinfilm battery solutions incorporate an innovative solid electrolyte material that enables thinner, stackable cells that can endure more charging cycles and deliver more power at sub-freezing temperatures, compared to commonly used battery technologies. Because the sol- id electrolyte cannot catch fire or explode, Thinfilm SSLBs can also improve the safety profile for wear- able and medical applications. Initially pioneered by Oak Ridge National Labora- tory in the 1990s, SSLB technology is primarily used in embedded electronics applications including real- time clock and SRAM backup. By leveraging its core capabilities in materials and manufacturing innovation, the Company believes it can produce compelling energy storage prod- ucts that provide greater battery life and improved reliability, with the form-factor flexibility to create unique battery shapes enabling sleek, comfortable end products. The Company will initially focus on key por- tions of the wearables and sensor markets, particular- ly the rapidly growing connected and wearable medical sensing market, in which continuous glucose monitoring alone is forecasted to double in volume to over 100 mil- lion units by 2023, according to IDTechEx. Beyond wear- able medical sensing, Thinfilm has identified a number of additional growing applications in existing markets that are expected to provide meaningful opportunities for ad- ditional growth. To accelerate the development of ultrathin battery technology in the San Jose factory, Thinfilm has entered into a partnership with a leading process technology de- velopment company. (Source: Thin Film Electronics ASA) Thinfilm to Energize Innovation in the Wearables and Sensor Markets With Ultrathin, Flexible, Safe Batteries switches, and even a minuscule amount of en- ergy per cycle, adds up. Summary In summary, electronics continue to find ap- plications in ever-increasing areas of daily life. Power management by design, both before and during use, is going to be critical. When making decisions, product designers need to consider many relevant and important issues. Power management will likely only increase in importance. In the future, it will be more nec- essary to think about managing the thermal

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