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FEBRUARY 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 95 5 The Digital Layout: A New Beginning E In this column, Stephen Chavez shares a letter from the Legacy Officers and Board Members of the IPC Designers Council, introduces the for- mation of the Printed Circuit Engineering Association (PCEA), and invites readers to consider future professional devel- opment and event opportunities. 6 Elementary, Mr. Watson: Rebuilding Trust When Things Go Wrong E When you look at the long list of steps in- volved in designing a PCB, it can be some- what overwhelming and sometimes pretty easy to miss something. Be assured when things go wrong, they go very wrong. In his debut column, John Wat- son shares some tips for rebuilding trust when things go wrong. 7 What You Need to Know: The High-tech Job Market E Andy Shaughnessy met with Taylor Rousse, an engineering recruiter for Aerotek, a high- tech staffing company, at PCB Carolina to discuss the de- mands she sees in different in- dustry segments and how it varies region to re- gion. Taylor also offers advice for designers or electrical engineers in the job market, includ- ing tips on writing that perfect résumé and the return of the counter-offer. 8 Connect the Dots: A Penny for Your Thoughts on Copper E Copper is the primary metal for standard PCBs. And while standard PCB capabilities de- pend on what materials are used and how they are con- structed, copper is the go-to choice. Bob Tise explains some of copper's ap- plications, advantages, and challenges. 9 Flex Talk: The Challenge of Change E I recently kicked off a pre- sentation on flex and rigid- flex by asking for a show of hands of those who had nev- er worked with flex materials or considered themselves to be just learning how to de- sign with flex. J Standard of Excellence: Five Ways to Stay on Track With Your PCB Vendors E One of the most important aspects of the customer-ven- dor partnership is to keep the vendor aware of their stand- ing with you. Anaya Vardya shares five ways to ensure that you and your PCB ven- dors are on the same page when it comes to how both of you are doing as working part- ners. for the latest circuit design news and information. focuses on the rapidly growing flexible and rigid-flex circuit market. Bob Tise Tara Dunn Stephen Chavez Taylor Rousse Anaya Vardya

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