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46 PCB007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2020 2019 might have been the year when the trend word digitalization really kicked off and transi- tioned from being a buzzword to aligning with keywords and concepts as AI and IoT. These are terms we already are familiar with and trying to implement into our day-to-day busi- ness operations. The future of digitalization is not coming; it's already here, so the questions many pose are, "How will it affect me and my business, and what can and should I do"? What is "digital," and how do you define it? If you do not define it, then what is it, and how can you utilize and understand it? Digital should not be seen as a thing; rather, it's a way of doing things. To make this definition more concrete, one can break it down into three at- tributes [1] : 1. Creating value at the new frontiers. 2. Creating value in the processes that execute a vision of customer experiences. 3. Building foundational capabilities that support the entire structure. 1. Creating value at new frontiers requires a re- examining of your way of doing business and understanding where the new frontiers of value for your customers (I would recommend read- ing the book Great at Work by Morten T. Han- sen in regard to understanding customer val- ues). This simply means understanding how you can improve your customer experience, share relevant data, and ensure that your cus- tomers have a higher valuable input from us- ing your systems and methodology compared to your competitors. 2. Creating value in the pro- cesses that execute a vision of customer experiences is rethinking how to use new capabilities to improve how your customers are served. Thinking about how digital capabilities can design and deliver the best possible ex- perience across all parts of the business to your custom- ers. For example, digitizing your supply chain is critical for developing the flexibil- ity, efficiency, and speed to deliver the right product effi- ciently to your customers as they want. The PCB Norsemen Feature Column by Didrik Bech, ELMATICA What Are the True Benefits of Going Digital?

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