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98 PCB007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2020 responsibility. Not until the latest 2015 revi- sion of ISO 9001 did the international standard require that all employees, starting with top management, be responsible for the QMS. His seven basic quality tools are still prevalent in most quality management systems to this day. Shewhart's PDCA improvement tool is now a requirement in ISO 9001:2015, which validates the relevance of Shewhart's work from over 70 years ago. It is hard to find an organization today that is not running their processes us- ing some form of SPC or statistical methods. These facts demonstrate just how far ahead of its time these founding fathers were. PCB007 Steve Williams is the president of The Right Approach Consulting. To read past columns or contact Williams, click here. current state and desired future state and plan- ning for how to close the gap. Identification of potential solutions occurs during the "plan" stage. Do test the various potential solutions. Check results to see if any of the potential solu- tions tested had the desired effect and assess the effectiveness of successful solutions. Act on what you have learned, implementing the best of the potential solutions. If you have accomplished your objective, put controls into place so that the issue never comes back again. If you have not accomplished your objective, go through the cycle again, starting with the plan step. Conclusion It is interesting how long it took the Ameri- can industry to adopt Dr. Ishikawa's philoso- phy of empowering all personnel with quality Joe Fjelstad catches up with Marc Benowitz, CEO of iNEMI, as he provides an overview of his background at the company as well as strategies for handling big data. Click the image to view video. Strategies for Handling Big Data

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