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JULY 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 11 sidering the human element when creating new processes. Next, Steph Chavez of Collins Aero- space discusses why cybersecurity is a "neces- sary evil" for employees working from home on ITAR designs. Dave Ryder and Eric Cormier of Prototron Circuits address the company's ransomware attack and how other companies can protect themselves from a similar fate. Pat- rick Crawford shares a collection of stories by IPC technical staff regarding their experiences with working remotely. And Tim Haag provides a follow-up to an earlier column on working remotely, with some of the lessons he's learned during the quarantine. We also bring you columns from Barry Olney, Patrick Crawford, Alistair Little, Kelly Dack, Dominique Numakura, Joe Fjelstad, and Bob Tise and Matt Stevenson. Further, we have an article by Emily McGrath of NextFlex, and interviews with Joe Fjelstad, who discusses his flex workshop, and Schmartboard found- ers Neal Greenberg and Andrew Yaung, who detail their new solder joint technology. Lastly, Happy Holden answers your questions about flexible circuits. We're getting through the COVID-19 pan- demic, slowly but surely. See you next month. DESIGN007 Andy Shaughnessy is managing editor of Design007 Magazine. He has been covering PCB design for 20 years. He can be reached by clicking here. Many respondents said that they had a dif- ficult time dealing with family dynamics, such as noisy children and pets. Here are a few of the comments from respondents describing their work environment at home: 1. The cafeteria is not very good. 2. The social aspects of face-to-face, chance meetings, such as at the coffee station, don't happen as dynamically as they would in an office. 3. It's a better environment than in the office. 4. I'm more productive with less wasted time and better design review communication with Zoom than with staff present. 5. The main problem seems to be the per- sonality of the clients' engineers. They are also working from home, and some are not great with remote working or with coping on their own. Then, there's another wrinkle. On top of hav- ing to get accustomed to working from your dining room table, many of you are designing boards for military and aerospace customers. We wondered, "How can designers perform sensitive ITAR work from a typical house in a subdivision?" For this issue, we asked a variety of experts to discuss their companies' approach to work- ing remotely, as well as some of the cyberse- curity challenges related to having employees working from home. First, Bob Murphy of Connected Enterprise Consulting at Rockwell Automation discusses the importance of con- Like many of you, columnist Kelly Dack has recently begun working from home—in this case, at a ranch named Cattleana Graziers. In our cover photo, Kelly is seen in his home office with his team, laying out "chips" to help "beef" up a power distribution network. About the Cover

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