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JULY 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 27 • The speed of propagation of digital signals is independent of trace geometry and impedance. • PCB designers should always match delays—not length. • Clock signals should be routed on a stripline (inner layer) sandwiched between two solid reference planes to reduce radiation. • Placing a resistor at both ends of the transmission line, close to the driver and load, is an elegant solution to terminate a bi-directional signal. DESIGN007 Further Reading • B. Olney, "Beyond Design: Transmission Line Termina- tion," Design007 Magazine, March 2020. • B. Olney, "Beyond Design: The 10 Fundamental Rules of HSD Part 4," Design007 Magazine, December 2018. • B. Olney, "Beyond Design: Signal Flight Time Variance in Multilayer PCBs," The PCB Design Magazine, December 2017. • B. Olney, "Beyond Design: Effective Routing of Multiple Loads," The PCB Design Magazine, February 2014. • Cadence Design Systems, "Contamination Delay in Clock Circuits: Best PCB Routing Techniques," February 24, 2020. • H. W. Johnson & M. Graham, High-Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic, Prentice-Hall, 1993. Barry Olney is managing director of In-Circuit Design Pty Ltd (iCD), Australia, a PCB design service bureau that specializes in board-level simulation. The company developed the iCD Design Integrity software incorporating the iCD Stackup, PDN, and CPW Planner. The software can be downloaded at To read past columns or contact Olney, click here. Olly, a light technology device from Samsung's startup incubator, launched on Kickstarter and reached its fund- ing goal in just 3 hours. The product is dedicated to helping users find balance in their everyday routines and comes in two versions—Olly Day, which helps users stay awake during the day, and Olly Night, which encourages deeper and more holistic sleep at night. Olly Day's wavelengths mimic sunlight to keep users feeling energized and to provide a natural energy boost without the side effects commonly associated with caf- feine. The device boosts focus in just 20 minutes and can work more effectively and quickly than a cup of espresso. Unlike LED lights that suppress the natural production of melatonin in the body, Olly Night's wavelengths encour- age melatonin production to prepare users for a night's rest. The device emits a warm light and automatically turns off in 30 minutes. "We've heard many stories from people who rely on sleeping pills or excessive amounts of caffeine, and we wanted to provide something that would help people sta- bilize their biological rhythms in a more natural way," said Ardor, the founder and CEO of Luple. Each device is compact, portable and can be used sim- ply by placing it on its magnetic lid and angling the light at a tilt. Olly takes two hours to fully charge with a USB-C cable, and a single charge can run for six hours. (Source: PRWEB) Samsung-Accelerated Startup Luple Launches Devices to Balance Circadian Rhythms

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