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28 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2020 now logging into a corporate VPN, which is another encryption in itself. There are so many barriers to cross just to get logged in and up and running these days. These little bits of time—two to five minutes here and there—add up; at the end of the day, you've spent about an hour waiting for the system to get past that encryption if you had to reboot more than once. Not only do these bits of time add up, but these security measures tend to slow down our software tools as well, due to all that is going on behind the scenes during your daily activities. Shaughnessy: You already had this before the COVID-19. Have you had to add any new mea- sures because of working at home? Chavez: No. We are just more diligent. For ex- ample, we're getting more protected emails, reminding us that we're remote. For exam- ple, I've been working from home 100% of the time since May 11. I don't have access to my personal printer at home due to the security measures in place. If I want to get access to my personal printer here at my home, I have to go to a certain install from my IT department. And if I choose to do that, the only way I can print is to be hard-wired in. It can't be on the wireless network. Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team When we started planning this issue on working remotely, we knew we'd have to speak with Stephen V. Chavez, chairman of the Print- ed Circuit Engineering Association (PCEA). He is a staff engineer and senior PCB designer at Collins Aerospace and a frequent contributor to Design007 Magazine. Steph's company does a lot of ITAR work, which demands some of the tightest cybersecurity available. We recent- ly asked Steph to discuss some of the security measures that his company employs and what his experience has been like since he began working out of his home office full-time sev- eral months ago. Andy Shaughnessy: Welcome, Steph. You told me that your company employs a lot of cyber- security measures. Tell us about that. Steph Chavez: Yes, we do. For example, to log into this call, it took three different types of security measures to access it. One of them is an initial handshaking stage that takes place between my cellphone and computer to log in. Once I get past that certain coded hand- shake, then my regular log-in security kicks in. Next comes the final security stage. I'm When Working Remotely, Cybersecurity Is a Necessity

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