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JULY 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 35 if you're not on a VPN network. We stopped using Zoom initially because some companies don't allow their computer systems to get into Zoom, but that had since changed. We have transitioned to ZoomGov. Matties: What are the accountabilities? When you're working in a shop or an office, every- body can see what you're doing and see your productivity. Is there a metric, such as what your output had been in the facility, and then your output working remotely is either higher or lower? Chavez: From what I can see at my business unit within Collins Aerospace and the oth- er business units that I collaborate with, we have become more fine-tuned. We have more WebEx meetings than we normally would be- cause we usually have a stand-up meeting in our office war room. You'd go in for five min- utes, report your status, and go back to your desk. Now, we have meetings that we call scrums or sprints to get a status of where we are in our tasks. Let's just look at the posi- tives. We have performed on a sharper scale, so to speak, and we've performed more highly, even though we're remote and not face to face. We're just as effective, if not more. This has proved that working remotely does work, and it can work effectively. We're actually more connected now. Matties: You're more connected, or in our case, more "I-Connected." Chavez: That's right. You're definitely more in sync and locked in. Just because you're re- mote doesn't mean you can't pick up a phone to be more direct than an email. I don't mind sending emails, but emails can get lost very easily. Each of us receives 50–100 emails dai- ly. God forbid if you're management, then you probably get more than that. For some, work- ing remotely has forced people to pick up the phone and call about issues. Embrace working remotely and take advantage of Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting to handle business. Shaughnessy: Do you have any final thoughts on cybersecurity and working remotely? Chavez: My final thought is that cybersecurity is a dreadful necessity, and I say dreadful be- cause it slows us down in our day-to-day ac- tivities, but it is still necessary. We complain, "I have to change my password every so often. Why does my password have to be so long?" All it takes is one time for you to be personally hacked, and your world will be turned upside down—especially if your personal financial accounts are hacked. I guarantee that you'll be using the whole alphabet to make sure your passwords are all locked and tightly secured. Don't let it slow you down. Matties: This has been great, Steph. We appre- ciate all of your help. Chavez: It's my pleasure, and I'm glad to help. Thank you. DESIGN007

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