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JULY 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 41 Ventec High-CTI Substrate Drives Increased Vehicle Electrification E Ventec International Group Co. Ltd. (6672 TT) has developed a high-CTI substrate (VT-441C) that offers an environmentally friendly, high- performance copper-clad laminate that cre- ates a stable and reliable platform on which to build ECU circuitry. Elmatica's Didrik Bech Accepts Role as IPC Cybersecurity Task Group Vice-Chair E On June 18, Nolan Johnson spoke with Didrik Bech, Elmatica CEO and I-Connect007 colum- nist, who was recently selected as vice-chair for IPC's Cybersecurity Task Group. During their conversation, Didrik outlined the task group's mission statement and the target audience for its work. He also shared specific examples where cybersecurity is increasingly important to the electronics manufacturing industry globally. Isola Opens Expanded R&D and Analytical Laboratory in Arizona E Isola, designer and developer of copper-clad laminates and fabrication materials for mul- tilayer PCBs, officially opened an expansive R&D and analytical services laboratory at the company's new global headquarters in Chan- dler, Arizona. CML Acquires Jiangyou Starteam Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. E CML made a strategic decision to acquire Start- eam, a manufacturer for PCBs in China, Sich- uan province. Since 2018, Starteam has been under CML management and is pleased to announce that the transition was successfully completed in May 2020. During this period, Starteam became a German PCB manufacturer in China. Walt Custer's EIPC Business Outlook Webinar: 'You Can't Sugarcoat This Stuff!' E In normal circumstances, it would have been the time of year for the EIPC Summer Confer- ence, and Walt Custer would have opened the proceedings with his business outlook for the global electronics industry. However, circum- stances were far from normal. Pete Starkey discusses some of the takeaways from Custer's global business outlook webinar, organized by EIPC. Digi-Key Electronics Launches PCB Builder to Streamline Ordering Experience E Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic com- ponents distributor, announced that it now offers a PCB builder tool to streamline cus- tomers' ordering experience of PCBs and to more broadly support their rapid prototyping needs. Eagle Electronics Reduces Cycle Time for IPC-4761 Type VII Via Fill Process E Mike Kalaria, president and CEO of Eagle Elec- tronics of Schaumburg, Illinois, announced that his company had made significant cycle time improvements in the via fill process. Dan Beaulieu, Part 1: Lead Generation E Dan Beaulieu, president of D.B. Management and an I-Connect007 columnist, spoke with Nolan Johnson on the importance of con- tinuing to generate leads and new customers. Beaulieu addressed concerns about market uncertainty, shared some real-world examples of mistakes, and made a strong case that sales and marketing is a process that must be con- stantly ongoing to keep a full funnel of cus- tomers and business.

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