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62 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2020 work. The task group members I speak to on a regular basis tell me that isn't true for them. They are working from dining room tables, kitchen islands, coffee tables in living rooms, etc. This is disruptive because they then try to have fun or relax in the same spot later in the day. This alone can cause them stress. Early on, some people hated the very idea of working from home. I heard the typical ques- tions, such as, "How do you do this every day? Don't you get lonely? Is it Friday yet?" The last question occurs even when people are in the office, but it took on a different connotation this time. They couldn't wait until Friday so that they could put the computer down and do something else at home. Unlike IPC staff, our task group members didn't know to take their laptops to a different location in their residence, such as going on the patio or even walking away for 10 minutes to regroup. We are social creatures by nature, and working from home put that in a different light and added a new definition of how we can be social creatures and still isolate. I have had more teleconferences in the past two months with my task groups than any- one can imagine. I fondly termed this "crazy busy," and I wasn't afraid to tell my task group members that. If a day goes by without a call, note, meeting, or message by carrier pigeon (okay, exaggeration there), I think something has happened to my internet service. I had one task group member beg the task group during a meeting to give him any action items for the topics they were discussing, and when they did, I received the input within a few hours. This not only highlights our volunteers' com- mitment but a fundamental desire for all of us to stay busy and serve, even while struggling with isolation and fear. Even more than two months later, I see our volunteers staying on task and working toward common goals. We know from science that something becomes a habit after 21 days, and sure enough, many of those who initially hated working from home are starting to see the bene- fits. Sure, they miss seeing their co-workers, but they have adapted. They can see them on video calls any time they want. I'm sure some have even figured out where their "office" is located. But the best and most rewarding part for me as a staff liaison is to know that we have com- mitted volunteers. They didn't put the industry they serve on hold, and they didn't hesitate to share their expertise while they were trying to figure out when they could get their next gro- cery delivery. They can even laugh harder now with a new appreciation of what I mean when I tell them that they have no idea how many times I have had a call with them while wear- ing my PJs and my hair in a knot on the top of my head. Debora Obitz Manager, Technical Programs I have seen and heard var- ious members make state- ments regarding working from home: • Many are attending the interim meetings as they are trying to keep their days busy and have stated that they now have the time to support their volunteer efforts. • I have seen more members attending the meetings lately. I have one technical group that usually has 6–10 members during face-to-face meetings at IPC APEX EXPO, but on recent calls, we've had over 15 attendees. • I have some committees that have not requested meetings other than at IPC APEX EXPO and SummerCom to review/ revise their documents; they are now doing meetings every two weeks. We are social creatures by nature, and working from home put that in a different light and added a new definition of how we can be social creatures and still isolate.

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