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100 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2020 1 Altium 365 Helps Designers Stay Productive From Home E From home offices to virtual workplaces, the working environment has changed. For the PCB design indus- try, Altium has helped make the transition seamless, empowering collaboration across every aspect of the design process. With Altium 365, the world's only cloud-based plat- form for PCB design and realization, many of Altium's customers were able to stay in motion even during this challenging time. 2 Beyond Design: The Impact of Signal Rise Time on Bandwidth E The term bandwidth was first used years ago in the RF world to represent the range of frequencies in a signal. In digital electronics, we also use the term to describe the signal spectrum since square waves are made up of numerous sine waves (har- monics) of the fundamental frequency. 3 DownStream Technologies Update With Joe Clark E On June 15, Andy Shaugh- nessy spoke with Joe Clark, co-founder of DownStream Technologies, about the com- pany's drive to take care of its customers and employees throughout the pandemic and beyond. Joe discusses some of his customers' current challenges, especially those working from home for the first time. 4 Dana Korf: What Fabricators Expect From Designers E Andy Shaughnessy and Barry Matties spoke with Dana Korf, former chief PCB technologist for Huawei and currently principal consultant of Korf Consultancy, about the breakdown in communication between manufacturers and designers. Dana discusses exactly what a fabri- cator expects from a PCB designer, why these expectations are often not met. Joe Clark

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