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AUGUST 2020 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 21 doing quite nicely with revenues from more conventional technologies. Johnson: Is it fair to conclude that your new equipment is targeting capability more than capacity? LaBeau: Not at all. Manufacturing convention- al designs for our customers is fundamental to our mission, and having ample production capacity is the cornerstone of our operation. It's also true that we are driving our capabil- ities with focus and purpose with end goals in mind, but manufacturing very complex de- signs as one-offs does not solve the problems faced by the DoD and aerospace OEMs. Capac- ity will always be as important as capability. Fortunately, investments in new capital equip- ment bring capability and capacity improve- ments hand in hand. Brassard: The bottom line is Calumet is striv- ing to offer our customers the most advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities, not just for one-off prototypes, but as standard scalable and sustainable production. We have a track record of successfully taking science projects from the R&D benchtop to standard production. Now, we are pushing hard against our own limitations and learning it is pos- sible for United States PCB manufacturers to regain state-of-the-art capabilities. If we can do it here in Upper Michigan, other domestic PCB manufacturers should be able to do similarly. We simply want to be the best and most reli- able PCB manufacturer in the United States, enabling our customers to accomplish their missions. Matties: Thank you both very much for your time and insights. Brassard: Thank you. LaBeau: Thanks. PCB007 Calumet Electronics representatives with Ivanka Trump at a workforce event at the White House.

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