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AUGUST 2020 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 91 5 Punching Out! Acquiring a Distressed Company E Everyone loves a bargain. Just like buying an old car or a fix- er-upper house, you can get a great deal, or sometimes you get what you pay for. Tom Kastner shares some thoughts on acquiring a distressed or underperforming business. 6 Fresh PCB Nuggets: Pros and Cons of the 6 Most Common Surface Finishes E A surface finish can be de- fined as a coating, either me- tallic or organic in nature, that is applied to a PCB to ensure the solderability of the met- al underneath. There are only two different types of surface finishes for PCBs: organic and metal. Harry Kennedy describes the pros and cons of the six most common finishes on the market. 7 Just Ask Happy: Ranking the Top Countries by Fab Technology and Production E We asked for you to send in your questions for Happy Holden, and you took us up on it! This time, one of our readers asked Happy to rank the top countries that pro- vide PCB fabrication servic- es. Check out the global fab trends now and in 10 years. 8 One World, One Industry: A Lasting COVID-19 Lesson—Resilient Regional Manufacturing Networks E Sophisticated global supply chains are generally efficient in meeting societal demands, but the COVID-19 pandemic illustrates that—in times of crisis—these supply chains can break down. IPC's Dr. John Mitchell emphasizes the need for resil- ient regional manufacturing networks across North America. 9 AT&S Starts Partnership With Design Company IMST GmbH E With the aim of jointly developing high-fre- quency technology solutions, AT&S has con- cluded a strategic cooperation agreement with IMST GmbH in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany. IMST is a design and development center for radar, radio modules, communication systems, chip design, antennas, and regulatory certifi- cation and has its own accredited test center. J Flex Talk: Additive and Subtractive— When Opposites Attract E Market dynamics in the elec- tronics industry are quickly changing. Some solutions add considerable cost to the PCB and often introduce reliabili- ty and yield concerns. Colum- nist Tara Dunn explains an al- ternative that has been installed in three U.S.- based PCB fabrication facilities: the A-SAP™ pro- cess, which is Averatek's semi-additive process. For the Latest PCB News and Information, Visit: PCB007.com Dr. John Mitchell Tara Dunn Tom Kastner Harry Kennedy Happy Holden

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