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SEPTEMBER 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 103 500°F/260°C for lead-free solder reflow. The 9077 tape maintains high adhesive strength in high temperatures and is excellent for heat- intensive processing, as well as in high-tem- perature attachments to heat sinks. It is ideal for flexible printed circuit attachments to clean metal surfaces with excellent holding power and low outgassing. 3M 9077 PST features a 2-mil 3M ultra-high-temperature acrylic adhe- sive 100 HT and a 3.6-mil (0.05-mm) clear, heat-resistant, non-woven liner that adds sta- bility for die-cutting and converting. The long term temperature rating is 300°F (150°C) and suitable for automotive under the hood. Aluminum is also used as a stiffener with an insulator cover coat strip. This allows for hard mounting to a flat surface other than a PCB. In some applications, a thermally-conductive material and aluminum or copper heat-con- ductive laminate can be used to manage heat while providing a hard mounting point for the flex circuit. FLEX007 John Talbot is president of Tramonto Circuits. To read past columns or con- tact Talbot, click here. Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd., an innovator in automotive vision systems, announced that it has com- pleted the development of a commercial version of its groundbreaking automatic calibration software. In addi- tion, the company submitted a patent application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, pertaining to the company's innovations in the field of automotive sensor calibration. Continuous sensor calibration is essential for creat- ing accurate stereoscopic 3D perception required for safe and robust automotive stereo vision systems. Mis- calibration occurs when external factors change the position of the sensors with respect to each other. A miscalibrated system may lead to inaccurate perception of the driving environment, affect the decision-making mechanism of the vehicle and risk passenger lives. Foresight's revolutionary innovation allows for automatic calibration between vision systems that are composed of multiple sensors, such as ther- mal infrared and visible-light cameras. T h e c o m p a ny 's g ro u n d - breaking software solution is designed to ensure that the sensors remain calibrated regardless of their configu- ration or position on a car. This will allow vehicle manu- facturers flexible placement of sensors, whether on a rigid base or as separate units, while ensuring accurate perception and improving the sensors' detection capa- bilities. "Completing development of the commercial version of our proprietary automatic calibration software is an important milestone for the company, and will allow us to offer this software as a standalone product," said Haim Siboni, Foresight's CEO. Foresight submitted two additional patent applications pertaining to multiple-sensor camera systems. The first allows repetitive and robust calibration and optical testing for vision systems composed of both visible light and thermal (infrared) cameras to ensure sensor accuracy. The second patent application enables real time assessment of the quality of information coming from each sensor set, allowing smart sensor fusion capabili- ties and dramatically reducing the required computational resources of the system. (Source: Business Wire) Foresight Completes Development of Automatic Calibration Software

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