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SEPTEMBER 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 63 I-Connect007 Editor's Choice: 5 Must-Reads for the Week E Nolan Johnson's top 5 picks this week include the SpaceX Dragon splashdown, the Mars 2020 mission's Ingenuity helicopter—featuring an interview with the carbon fiber company that built the helicopter's landing gear—and the U.S. Air Force's efforts to secure space systems with the help of volunteer hackers. Readers also responded to news from IPC and iNEMI, and blockchain turned out to be hugely popular. The Right Approach: Guerilla Tactics to Pass Any QMS Audit, Part 4 E Concluding Steve Williams' four-part series on "Guerilla Tactics to Pass Any QMS Audit," he shares Tactic 10 on techniques to reverse a finding. Trouble in Your Tank: CAF Formation— Correction of Misrepresentation of Origins and Causes E In Mike Carano's words, "In my April 2020 col- umn in PCB007 Magazine, I incorrectly mis- represented the origins and causes of conduc- tive anode filament (CAF) formation. This fol- low-up column will provide more insight and depth of knowledge on the CAF failure mode." Summit Interconnect Inc. Acquires Integrated Technology Ltd. (ITL Circuits) E Summit Interconnect Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of ITL Circuits. Testing Todd: Too Much Automation? E The last six months have brought monumen- tal changes to commerce, manufacturing, rec- reation, and almost every aspect of our daily lives. Todd Kolmodin shares his thoughts on how much automation is enough. Got a Question? Just Ask Joe! E A few months ago, we launched our "Just Ask" series with Happy Holden. Many readers took us up on it, sending all manner of questions for happy to answer. Now, Joe Fjelstad—inventor, technolo- gist, author, and Flex007 columnist—is getting in on the action. Here's your chance to pick Joe's brain. What's the one question about this industry that you've always wanted to ask Joe? Punching Out! Due Diligence: Quality Inspection for Business Sales E Although the due diligence process can be exhausting, Tom Kastner explains how it is important that buyers and sellers keep their eyes on the prize of closing, stay positive, and don't allow emotion to run the deal. Sunstone Circuits Launches New Text Message Notification Feature E Sunstone Circuits—a PCB solutions provider for prototypes, medium-volume, and produc- tion quantities—announced new optional Order Status Text Alerts (Sunstone Order Sta- tus) communication platform. Ladle on Manufacturing: LED UV Cure— Does It Really Work? E Machines that have been made to UV cure inks used in printed circuits and other manufactur- ing processes have largely used vapor lamps. In the search for good alternatives, Marc Lade explains how LED technology has been hover- ing in the background, but it has struggled to position itself as a serious contender. Arlon EMD Launches New Website E Arlon EMD, a specialty electronics material manufacturer, based out of Rancho Cucamonga, California, announced the launch of its new website.

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