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90 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2020 Education Unlocks the Golden Door to Freedom "Education is the key to unlock the golden door to freedom." —George Washington Carver Introduction This month, I speak with the PCEA Educa- tional Committee regarding the team's take on the PCEA's role in education. What do they have in store? Next, PCEA Chairman Steph Chavez weighs in on the strength of the Edu- cation Committee and why it is crucial to the PCEA's mission. Finally, along with our nor- mally provided list of professional development opportunities and events, I give you a preview of what is in store for next month's column. PCEA Updates The PCEA Educational Committee discusses the importance of well-rounded technical cur- ricula, as well as how they started in the indus- try. They cover available PCEA educational resources, including technical books, papers, and lunch and learn webinars, as well as chap- ter presentations and field trips. Upcoming pre- sentation topics include materials, high speed, advanced placement and routing, power dis- tribution, and flexible circuits. You will also learn more about the PCEA's mentor pairing program. Kelly Dack: Today, I am speaking with Rick Hartley, Mike Creeden, Tara Dunn, Gary Fer- rari, and Susy Webb. Thank you for coming together as members of the PCEA Educational Committee. One of the main goals of the PCEA, along with collaborating and inspiring the electronics community, is to find ways to engage our membership in the realm of educa- tion and seek out ways to fulfill their needs. How is that going? Rick Hartley: Over the past few months, as we were generating content for our website, we The Digital Layout by Kelly Dack, CIT, CID+, PCEA

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