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34 SMT007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2020 initial thoughts for the HIR A&D effort, and the metrics tables for DAHI and other pro- grams provide useful inputs for roadmapping efforts. DARPA's CHIPS Program Following DAHI, DARPA's Common Hetero- geneous Integration and Intellectual Property Reuse Strategies (CHIPS) program worked to establish a standard interface and promote IP reuse in a "chiplet" ecosystem designed to make heterogeneous integration more practi- cal. This vision is shown in Figure 3, and the program metrics are shown in Figure 4. One significant outcome of CHIPS was a demon- stration by prime contractor Intel and its part- ners of an Intel FPGA integrated with leading- edge data converters, an optical device, and other chips using its Advanced Interface Bus (AIB), the interface standard selected in the CHIPS program. One outcome of the CHIPS program was the quantification of the interposer-based hetero- geneous integration manufacturing require- ments, which have been lacking on a merchant 2020 Update The 2020 updates to the A&D chapter in the 2019 edition include: (1) updates on govern- ment-funded heterogeneous integration pro- grams, (2) recent relevant market data, and (3) the 0.1 version of the A&D Roadmap table. Populating and refining the table in Figure 10 will be the focus of the 2021 edition of the HIR. 2. Government Investment in Heterogeneous Integration DARPA's DAHI Program The U.S. Government, and DARPA specifi- cally, has a long history of investing in hetero- geneous integration. Figure 1 shows a time- line of these investments, which were often focused on specific applications and struc- tures. The recent Diverse Accessible Hetero- geneous Integration (DAHI) program was a large effort that demonstrated HI for a wide range of devices, with fine-pitch interconnect for breakthrough performance and capabil- ities. Figure 2 shows the progression during the DAHI program. This work helped to shape Figure 1: DARPA has a long history of guiding and investing in heterogeneous integration [2] .

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