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8 PCB007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2020 This month, I-Connect007 has been exploring the effect of roadmaps on business planning and oper- ations. We wrap up this month's coverage across all three magazines with more discussion of the IEEE Hetero- geneous Integration Roadmap. In the early days of the European empire-building, mar- itime explorers depended on the best cartographers of the time to provide maps and charts by which they could navigate to make new discoveries. That was the ongoing give-and-take: The explorers' expeditions and lives de- pended upon the accuracy of the maps, so mapmak- ers needed facts to be accurate. At the unexplored edges, mapmakers would make their best guess based on what information they had, including a variety of imagined dangers at the edge of the world. Eventual- ly, the explorers would venture forth and (hopefully) return home with facts and sur- veys to push out the edges of the maps. The thing about setting out on a jour- ney is that, sometimes, the course chang- es while you're en route. Something comes up, such as an obstacle or a new opportunity, and you adjust your path to take advantage of the new situa- tion. Not every potential circumstance in a journey can be anticipated. That's how the historians of Western civilization tend to doc- ument the story of Christopher Columbus's first voyage to North America. According to the telling, Columbus expected to reach India by sailing west around the globe. But India wasn't where the cartogra- phers speculated it would be. It was actually a much longer trip with a pair of continents in the way. Furthermore, it was an even longer sail to the as-yet- unknown Americas than Columbus had expected. When he arrived, he was already so far off his original plans that he was certain he had reached the Indian subcontinent. I wonder what it was like for him the moment he fully realized where he made landfall. How did he respond to that massive paradigm shift? Nolan's Notes by Nolan Johnson, I-CONNECT007 Roadmaps in Uncharted Territory

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