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NOVEMBER 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 25 attempt to resolve your thermal management queries in-house. I hope this month's column will help you with your thermal management choices. Look out for my next column, where I will elaborate more on thermal management issues. And please get in touch in the meantime if you have any suggestions for specific areas of discussion. DESIGN007 Jade Bridges is global technical support manager at Electrolube. To read past columns from Electrolube, click here. Download your free copy of Electrolube's book, The Printed Circuit Assembler's Guide to… Conformal Coatings for Harsh Environments, and watch the micro webinar series "Coatings Uncoated!" 5. Test, test, test! Select the most suitable products based on the required heat transfer and take points 1–4 into account. Always test in end-use application conditions. Conclusion To enhance your reputation in the market, it is fundamental to ensure that the desired efficiency of heat transfer is achieved over the lifetime of your product. Deciding on the right choice of material and/or application technique can be challenging; however, many companies have years of experience resolving customer thermal management issues. As always, I strongly recommend you get some expert advice before you settle on any particular material or method, rather than by Dugan Karnazes VELOCITY RESEARCH FOUNDER AND CEO As far as engineers in the electronics industry go, I'm still on the young side with 10 years of experience com-pared to the veterans of the industry. I've been around long enough, however, to understand firsthand the struggles that organizations (large and small) go through when they're designing their own electronics. I'll bet my last 555 timer that a lot of you have run into these scenarios: the Wizard, the Wishful, and the Wise. These scenarios are exaggerated for the points I'm going to make, but they're designed to resonate with the experienced. To read Dugan's full debut column, click here. Figure It Out: Effective Collaboration Tools for Post-COVID-19 Engineering

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