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30 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2021 Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Nolan talks with Eduardo Benmayor, gener- al manager at Aismalibar, about materials chal- lenges facing the powertrain portion of the automotive EV industry. Eduardo also speaks about what he sees as the biggest challenge facing EVs—infrastructure. Nolan Johnson: Aismalibar is in a position to have a unique perspective on some of the dy- namics in automotive production. What are you seeing as major trends in automotive cur- rently? Eduardo Benmayor: As you may know, in the automotive industry the percentage of elec- tronics inside the car is growing every year, so that's been on the table for many, many years. Right now, we see three main families of electronics in- side the car. e first is re- lated to securities, radars, detectors and all kinds of cameras. en, we have all the power elec- tronics, which Aismalibar is focused on: AC/ DC converters, DC/DC converters, on-board charging stations or external charging stations, all related to high power and a lot of heat. e third family is telecommunications and com- munications of the car with external devices and the internet, which is a completely differ- ent area of the electronics business. Our business is mainly focused on how the electronics engineers are designing the heat dissipation and dielectric strength around the electronic chargers inside the car. is drives them to a lot of different problems, and all these problems are viewed with different so- lutions. We don't see a clear trend in the au- tomotive industry; sometimes the big play- ers go in one direction with IGBT technolo- gies, others go to the MOSFET technologies, while others go with a completely different technology. ere is not a standard trend, in general. Johnson: How do you cope with that? Benmayor: We listen to all of them, because you can study and learn from the different cases. EV Industry Facing Bottleneck Challenges Eduardo Benmayor

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