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Via fill equipment Planarization Ovens and vacuum chambers Conductive and non-conductive pastes Direct image, photoplotter, inkjet printing Contact exposure Dryfilm lamination Line & space measurement Vacuum presses with and without automation Lay-up & breakdown, press plate cleaner Press pads for high and regular temperature Release films and other lamination aids Flash cutting, v-score Drilling & routing, laser processing Deburring, plasma, hole-checking Cross section equipment Loaders & unloaders, robot solutions Accumulators, buffers Etchers, strippers & developers (DES & SES) Chemical pre-clean, pumice and alum oxide jet spray Direct metallization, horizontal and vertical de-smear Electroless & Electrolytic plating Solder mask coaters spray and screen print Developers, ovens Final finish: HASL, ENIG, immersion silver, OSP, electrolytic Au Electrical test flying probe and grid Via Fill Process Imaging Lamination Area Fabrication Automation Wet Process Final Processes We offer a wide range of process equipment, service, spare parts and specialty consumables www.all4-PCB.us Ralph Jacobo ralph.jacobo@all4-PCB.com +1 818.531.2687 Conrad Micale conrad.micale@all4-PCB.com +1 747.238.0010

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