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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2021 FEATURES Barry Olney's High-Speed Simulation Primer Interview with Barry Olney Bridging the Simulation Tool Divide Interview with Todd Westerhoff Alternatives to Simulation by Dan Beeker Why We Simulate by Bill Hargin FEATURE COLUMNS Using Simulation to Assist With PCB Design by John Coonrod Simulation Stackup and Signal Integrity by Martyn Gaudion APRIL 2021 • FEATURE CONTENTS When we started speaking with SI experts for this issue, we were surprised to find that there were several schools of thought regarding simulation. Should you try to get by without simulating your design and only call a third-party consultant when it's almost too late? Should your company invest in a simulation tool, which also means hiring someone with years of experience to operate it? Or should you eliminate the need for simulation from the start by managing your electromagnetic fields properly? This month we asked some of the industry's premier experts on simulation to weigh in on this critical topic. The Simulation Issue 12 22 34 52 60 80 12 22 34

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