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40 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2021 Interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 I recently spoke with Elmatica's Jan Peder- sen about winning the IPC Dieter Bergman Fellowship Award this year, as well as his work on a variety of IPC committees. Jan, a regular PCB007 columnist, explained how he and a group of committee members are now explor- ing ways to bring 1-mil traces into the main- stream, and the need to bring more traceability into automotive and medical PCB standards. Andy Shaughnessy: Jan, congratulations on being awarded the IPC Dieter Bergman Fel- lowship Award. Jan Pedersen: ank you very much, Andy. at was a great surprise for me, and it's a big honor. I'm very honored to receive this. Mainly, this is instant recognition of the hard work that I've been doing for IPC. It is of course on behalf of Elmatica. Shaughnessy: Well, you've done so much work with IPC regarding standards and design data. And designers and fabricators get a lot out of your PCB007 Magazine columns. Pedersen: Yes, a lot of it is all about IPC stan- dards, how you understand them, and how you use them. What is the standard for you as a user, a manufacturer, and a designer as well? I think that's very important. Basically, it's for everyone, not only for the big players. I think that's the good thing that surprised me: Elmatica is a small company of 40-ish people that is being recognized with this award. at's maybe the biggest thing with this award, actually. Shaughnessy: And we all loved the video that Elmatica put out, of you getting notifica- tion that you had won the award. Having the "FedEx guy" come out of the frozen lake in Norway was great stuff. Pedersen: Yeah, we had to use the CEO for something! at was great fun, actually, rather than sitting there and saying, "Oh, what's a normal day at the office?" No, it was great fun, doing something different. We are usually Jan Pedersen: Getting Into Ultra-HDI with IPC Committees

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