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APRIL 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 43 Shaughnessy: Right. So, you'll be working more with Michael Ford? I know he's on the traceability committee. Michael is another Dieter Bergman award winner this year, and a columnist of ours. Pedersen: Absolutely, I'll be working with Michael. ere's so much to do. Shaughnessy: is is great. Is there anything else you want to add? Pedersen: For me, the work for IPC is quite interesting since we are developing and going into the ultra-HDI level. But as you know, when you're working with the performance standard for automotive and medical, you have to go into the other groups as well and see what's going on in our tests and cleanliness of the PCB materials. Another spinoff is the metal base PCBs, a standard that stopped in 2013. Now we're picking that up again, creating a new test method that was missing at that time. at's going to go through the next three or four months now, so there's a lot of things to do and to be engaged in. Shaughnessy: Well, again, congratulations, Jan. Pedersen: anks so much, Andy. DESIGN007 With five different robot arm models to choose from, the UTRA series is the world's most powerful and most affordable modular robot on the market today. Ranging from 4 to 6 axis and built with a modu- lar structure design, each arm can be configured to meet your business needs. Being 90% produced in- house, the UTRA series is approximately 70% more affordable than leading worldwide competitors. Driving the revolutionary UTRA series is Umbratek's ADRA Actuator series. Each ADRA Actuator is built to last and comes with a high-preci- sion harmonic reducer made of high-strength avia- tion aluminum and high-carbon chromium steel. A high-torque density, and compact structure, enable the motor to be integrated into the actua- tor and lessens the actuator weight. Each actua- tor is fitted with high-performance servo drivers, which use field-oriented control, to protect against overvoltage, overcurrent, over-temperature, reverse connection, undervoltage ESD, short-cir- cuiting, and rotor lock. The ADRA series also uses dual GMR+TMR hybrid detection technology and comes with a 16-bit off-axis multi-turn absolute encoder. Umbratek was built with growth in mind. With meticulous design and implementation, Umbratek is always thinking forward. They want to become a world-leading enterprise in the field of dynamic robotics and control systems and continue to explore the limits of the world, working on cutting- edge technologies, and delivering knowledge and technology to those that need it. (Source: PRNewswire) World's Most Powerful Modular Robot Umbratek, a cutting-edge new robotic tech startup, has just released its first robotic arm series called the UTRA series on Kickstarter.

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