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50 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2021 system, when the 1 mH inductance is created by a long wire connection or a low-bandwidth active power source, we in fact need 2500 mF bulk capacitance to suppress the low-frequency peaking. If we do that, the response will again be restored to what we see on Figure 4. Finally, to illustrate further the usefulness of AC losses in power distribution systems, we show in Figures 8 and 9 what happens if we take the last design and just reduce the "losses," both the source resistance and the effective series resistance of the capacitor from 20 mOhms to 2 mOhms. Instead of a 150mV constant drop and a 100mV transient, which can be calculated from the 20 mOhm source resistance and 7.5A and 12.5A current values, now we get a 10-times smaller DC shi and an approximately 150 Figure 8: Illustration of the impact of AC losses. Figure 9: Impedance profile (left) and transient response (right) after we decrease AC losses by tenfold.

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